The Zoo

The Zoo 1

Teaches children to create customizable paper models

The Zoo is a program that teaches children the art of paper folding through 3D games and model building lessons. The software includes 6 different games, where children will learn to create paper models and other shapes using 3D models displayed on the screen.

With The Zoo, users will be able to change and personalize the shapes of the 3D models available on the program and then print them to create exclusive paper models.

Users can easily sculpt their own models by using the controls available on The Zoo, such as drag and drop for the edges of shapes, color changes for accessories, and selection from 25 different models of animals.

After your creation is done, you will be able to save the model to your library and use it again whenever you want. The Zoo stimulates children's imaginations with games and colorful 3D images while teaching them paper folding and other skills.

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